Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Work again

I've started working!!again....
This is the best job i've done so far, start work at 9pm and finish at 2am and is rm6 per hour hoho..and the best part is that my working place is just a 5minutes walk from my house!!
The name of the club is "The Flying Club" (sounds like a gay club i know)is just a club where middle age and old people comes and drink,chill and some even bring girls from China (which i assume is you know what) but this people are no ordinary people,there are some who are bigshots,owner of a big company and some who live in The Palazo (which cost 1.7 million per unit)
The people there damn friendly (maybe cuz they dun want us to go tell their wife/husband what are they doing here)
Yesterday they belanja all the staff 5buckets of beer because 1of us is having a birthday,and today 1of the customer bought us chicken wings,otak-otak and char koay teow just because he feels like it.I wonder what will i get tomorrow hahaha..

At first i thought i could become a bartender but mana tau the boss say no need,so become a waitor instead *sobs*... but who cares la,is such an easy job to do.Just bring them their drinks, pour for them,then watch astro while waiting for them to call again and there you go rm6 per hour just like that and not forget to mention Tips!!!(and also looking at hot China girls wakaka)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Thanks to Tsu, and deeban ended up posing like this.
When we saw the wig the 1st thing in our mind is this......
finally we show our feminine side.
The wig is totally cool,the colour is purple and its so smooth
although posing like this looks funny but who cares this is not the worst pose ever taken

This is the worst pose ever taken (so far)
bare in mind that all of us are straight!!
we have no interest in guys (maybe dee does)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool toilet signs

I saw this toilet sign when i was walking by gurney drive,its at this shop call Martini.
I find it kinda cool so i took a picture of it.
It gives me the idea that if i go in and take a leak i can spy at the same time but of course its juz a toilet sign.I think this toilet sign will scare girls away from going in.


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