Friday, August 29, 2008


Octopussy,one of James Bond movie back in 1983 acted by Roger Moore.
When i hear the word octopussy is either the james bond movie or another dirty word cuz "pussy"come on who won't think the same thing as i do.
So when i came across this menu, i couldn't help it but to LMAO!!!

OctoPussy anyone??got garlic summor is only rm15

Now Everyone Can Taste The Difference!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shen's last day

was looking through my old pictures and i came across this pictures of Shen Yung's last day in Penang before leaving for the Air Force...and i said to myself "hmmm since i got nothing to post,i might as well show ppl pictures of our Royal Malaysian Air Force punya pilot hohoho".

this pictures was taken at ss2(i think) before mois took over the place.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sugar Cane = Barley

I was at KL for University Malaya floorball competition last week,
It was a great experience seeing and playing with people with super skills.
We were at KL from Thurs til Sunday,on the day we went back we decided to stop at Ipoh for lunch and enjoy their famous "nga choi kai" which means tauge chicken.
The food was excelent but here comes the best part,the waitor who looks like a burmese came and ask us what drinks we wanted.I wanted kekwa but he say don't have,so i ask what drinks they got serve.He told me got sugar cane,barley,geng geng and chrysanthemum!!!!! WTFLMAOLOLOMG!!!..Nvm so i order sugar cane lo maybe that fella blur ma haha..Then my sugar cane came and it look like this picture below =.=" i asked tat fella "this is sugar cane?"wah lao this fella answer me like so 100% sure like tat "yes yes is sugar cane.Ipoh sugar cane like tat 1".I cannot tahan and terus lmao,tat fella also laugh with me wakaka.Then i ma gave it a try lo,maybe Ipoh sugar cane taste like that 1 ma...idiot fella taste like Barley okie!!!!

so called sugar cane

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monkey's Day Out

Just a few days ago,while me and khai aka robert was having a meal at jones road we came across this monkey which was traveling through telephone cabel.Yea monkeys have earn their freedom to travel anywhere they want now in Penang.So don't bother to go botanical garden to see them cuz now u can see them almost anywhere.

This is one cheeky lil monkey,it started acting cute and got everyone's attention.Aww~~ look how cute the monkey with a mohawk.I wonder where they go cut their hair one,maybe there is a monkey saloon around.

Monkey with a mowhawk.

Then out of a sudden this monkey stole something from a lil child,dont know what's that.Maybe is a pokemon toy or something cause the lil kid looks like he's gonna cry.Then one of the worker there have to persuade the monkey to give it back by doing the system barter but this is 1 smart lil monkey,at first he pura-pura do like he is giving it back then when he gets the kuih given by the worker he pull the toy back and hide it behind its back.1point for monkey 0 for man haihzz monkey smarter than man.So the worker do what man always do when they lose,he grab a cane and whipped the monkey and got it back.So the results, monkey win because man got disqualify by using violence.In the future you'll see monkeys taking over our government swt.

Finally after a day's work the monkey got tired and rest.

Malaysia's next top model

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dare you to Sllrrp

Malaysia's ad of mamee,one of the best advertisement in our local industry so far.
But apprently the ad was directed by a Thai producer who shot the scene in Malaysia.
Kari berapi is the best for me,
Berani sllrrp,Berani tanggung.


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