Monday, September 22, 2008

Z'liners Floorball challenge

Being the captain of team spartans and mostly handling the team wif pei li and myself cuz our manager kuan yang was busy,it was such a miracle that we ended up in the final but too bad we only get 2nd place.But still we started off the competition by being one of the underdogs, i guess nobody really expected us being in the final(including myself)hahaha.
We started off the competition by drawing 2games and won 2games and even qualify 1st in group B hahaha so shock man!!
Then comes the Quarterfinal againts sallibandy JJ,my tactic was simple 2defends 2forwards and try to win this match cuz if draw we muz play penalty which i think none of us have experience and confidence haha.But we ended up drew the match haihzz,summor i'm the 1st penalty taker even worst i never score sobz but wat to do GK is Linken ok wanna score him is so super hard haha.Sanjee took the 2nd penalty and manage to squeeze the ball into the top corner and score,it was a beautiful goal and even linken was shock.After pei li also miss the penalty it was up 2sharron to save and lead us to the semi's...Sharron saved the penalty but the ball was still rolling towards the goal........time suddenly get so slow and sharron manage to turn around and grab it!!!!We from the bench jump out and runs towards her,such joy was with all spartans hahaha.
In the semi's we have to face the ang mos from USM,we've seen their game and wow!!their dragshot super fast man.So i decided to use full defence tactic and mmaaybeee..try to counter attack la.We blocked every shot and never even gave them a chance to do a dragshot cuz everytime when we see they wanna drag we run and block them like mad haha.So we ended up playing penalty AGAIN!!!This time i scored the penalty(so happy =] hehehe) all thanks to Kuan Yang who taught me how to take penalty after i miss the 1st one.After 2super save by sharron it was up to sanjee this time to lead us to the final....once again a super top corner shot by sanjee and we QUALIFY TO THE FINALS!!!!!!all spartans gone crazy even some of us (me,nick,jason,adrian) even dance on the court hahaha.
Then comes the finals,honestly 2say i told my team that we can qualify to the quarter finals good enough already but mana tau go til finals pulak hahaha..So before the game i never said much to the team but only telling them go in and have fun(simple le haha)Then came the shock of every spartans life hahaha we drew 1st blood in the finals thanks to Pei Li's solo effort.Every spartan even nick and jason ran out from the bench and jump for joy!!!The game was gonna be ours already but in the last minute nicholas from contact army scored the equalizer =( and once again we have to settle things in the penalty shootout.So we finally lost the finals in penalties but it was happy enough that we got a silver.Sadness was in each and every one of us because we was so close to getting the goal medal sobz.
But in the end of the day we were still the better team hehe.We even got 2all star awards,sharron being the all star GK and sanjee all star DF.
Finally i would like to thanks:
Pei Li (FW)
Sharron (GK)
You all make a difference in this team,without even one of you,reaching the finals is just a dream.
You all have make this dream come true.We'll get that gold medal next time.

pictures still to come because nobody posted the picts yet so cannot steal from them hahaha

let u see medal 1st

Friday, September 5, 2008

ACSU's elevator

A month ago i just found out my school union(Anglo Chinese School Union)which is now known as MBS sad when i found the place haihzz..
Its at the 2nd floor of Singapore hotel,dunno where rite haha.I also had a hard time finding the place cuz is such an old place.Its actually near komtar there.
The place so old until the elevator is so classic hahaha can go in museum i think..

This is the door

This is inside the door

Pls sponsor our sch so tat we can move to a better place =(
any sponsorship can be given out to me and i'll be glad to pass it to my sch kakakaka


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