Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PJ here i Come!!

Juz got a letter from UTAR a few days ago,telling me i'm accepted and also giving the course i wanted since young haha Graphic Design And Multimedia.
But a funny thing happen when i saw the course they offered me, suddenly felt like i dun want this course anymore WHY WHY WHY!!!!!

still planning to change course once i get there...
Worst part still to come..all this while i tot i will be going to Perak, Kampar but WTFLMAOLOLROFL they say i got Petaling Jaya campus???went to kampar twice just to feel the environment and plan so hard to build a floorbal club there, all this for wat??!!!i'm not going there also!!!haihzz...
hmmm i guess now i juz have to try to look forward to a PJ life,
Petaling Jaya here i come!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1st State Training

Yesterday i went for my first ever state training(in floorball),

haihz 1st day oni muz kena denda run 5 rounds d cuz came late(stupid traffic light).....

walao the training damn nice but paiseh nia cannot keep up the pace with the guys(let sam marah,"kenny one more time u look down u gimme 20 push up") =.="

then me and nick train with the girls and also being call a girl =.="
never get to do the intensive run outside (lucky also la,heard that got ppl vomit hehe)

hmmm muz train harder d so can train with the big boys,but haihz only for 2months nia (better than nothing la)


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